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Affordable Pay As You Grow Cloud Hosting

If you're developing a new application or website, measuring the exact resources you need for your project can be challenging. With our pay-as-you-grow pricing, you can easily develop your application without overpaying for unneeded resources. Our cloud hosting services are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to make your development dreams a reality.

Grow Easily By Adding Resources On Demand

We understand what it's like to get a burst of traffic, creating the need for immediate resources to help keep your website or application loading fast. Easily scale your server resources on demand without existing website migrations or prolonged downtime. Pay as you grow!

Premium Storage And Compute Power

Our private cloud that powers our VPS product is built with high-performance hardware. Each of our VPS products is powered by AMD EPYC processors and uses NVMe Gen4 storage volumes to give your site and applications blazingly fast performance. Amazing cloud performance that's affordable? Yes, please!

Cloud Powered Virtualization

Our managed cloud virtual machines are independent of physical infrastructure, providing the ultimate performance, reliability, security, and scalability you deserve. With NameHero, you are in complete control over your development and have the flexibility to make changes without expensive hardware or complicated migrations.

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