Empowering Students in IT Education

Join our campaign to boost IT knowledge in schools. Earn rewards for solving challenges and get your school featured in front of 2M People across the globe. Moreover, a student who can solve our challenge, will win a one-year free education bursary at his school of sit and also walk away with UGX500,000 as a reward paid in cash to the student and the school gets a free website and hosted for free for two years and a 43-inch Smart TV with a HDMI to project sessions instead of using the native projectors.

Joining is free and exclusive invites only.


Enrich Your IT Knowledge

Join our Campaign and discover more opportunities with our IT services

Empower Your Students with Relevant IT skills that change life.

Our campaign equips students with valuable IT knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and pursue careers in the IT field.

Participating in this campaign will leave you with a certificate of participation. Also, it will help you discover more possibilities that you can apply and turn your skills into a career. Join today and let's make you discover a lot in the IT than you have ever imagined.

<span>Empower Your Students with Relevant IT skills that change life.</span>

Earn rewards for solving challenges

Students have the opportunity to earn 500,000 UGX School fees by successfully solving challenges assigned by us. It's a great way to showcase your skills. Invited schools to participate in this earn free services from our company including bulk Messaging, 1000, free bulk messages, a simple dynamic website that showcases school services and products and your school and student get featured to our website that has more than 2M users. Currently, this program is in Secondary Schools and is an exclusive invite and only 20 students can participate.

Earn rewards for solving challenges

School feature with 2M+ impressions

Schools participating in our campaign get the chance to be featured on our website, gaining exposure to over 2 million impressions and showcasing their IT initiatives.

Schools that have participated in this campaign have seen a significant increase in Brand awareness and creating more students in the IT industries. The School also gets an opportunity to use our resources for free for one year at no cost. free IT training to their staff and Get your school advert for free on Eastern Voice FM, or Busoga one FM.

School feature with 2M+ impressions

50% Discounts on all our Services

Should the School need any service from us excluding the domain name fee, your school is eligible to get up to 50% discounts on all our services and free premium support 24/7 from our technical team. A school can claim this offer within a period of one year meaning anytime within a period of one year, you get your discount code that helps you get a 50% discount.

Other services come with free including access to 1000 free bulk messages, free 1000 WhatsApp credits to use on WhatsApp campaigns.

<span>50% Discounts on all our Services</span>


How much does it cost?

To join this Campaign is completely free and all costs are paid by us, However, this is an invitational campaign meaning you can only participate in this once you have been invited. If you are a school, our OPS in Your area will reach out to your school with the invitation and more information and if you are a student, your school can enroll you into this as well you can also join by filling in our online form

How Long does this take?

This campaign runs for six days once it has been launched in your school, the first three days are for our instructors to teach the students that you can select to participate and in the second two days, our instructor will carry out assessment to students to select a few from the 20 who can participate into the final challenge

What type of schools are you looking for?

Any School is allowed to participate in this challenge, unfortunately, our OPS Will only select schools that meet our interest and only 20 students can participate where only one person can win and is the only person who can win the incentives and each of the 20 receives a certificate of participation

Join Now.

Participating in ITLead was a game-changer. Not only did it enhance my IT skills, but it also helped me earn rewards and gain recognition for my school's IT program. - Mugenyi Peter

Why You Should Be Involved.

I have seen a lot of students turn to be IT giants and I believe by participating in these campaigns, we are preparing you to make informed decisions and discover more opportunities in the IT industry. I had a passion for IT since I was in senior two, (2013) Back then, there were few resources for me to show my talents but when I grew up, I followed my path and because of IT, Here we have AppNomu powering more than 20,000 businesses online and I and the team because of these powerful tools, we can control all such a bigger number. Be part of us by participating in this challenge not only for rewards but also to create impacts that help your community

Bahati Asher Faith

Bahati Asher Faith

Founder - AppNomu

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