1.What is Appnomu?

Answer: Appnomu Business Services is a FINTECH platform which enables you to save and request loans at affordable cheapest interest rates at the comfort of your smartphone, computer, laptop and intenret digital devices (IDD) with just an internet connection.

2.Where are you located?

Answer: we are an ecommerce platform accessed at www.appnomu.com. However,we are located in Bugiri Municipality and with sub- agents across Uganda in, JINJA CITY, MUKONO, ENTEBBE, MBALE and KAMPALA

3. How can I obtain a loan?

Answer: To obtain a loan, you must qualify our qualities, you must Register with us,submit your particulars and upon verification, you will receive a loan within 24 to 48 hours of working days Monday to Friday

4. How much do you give?

Answer: We give loans from Ugshs 10000 to Ugshs 15000,000 to all Ugandans above the age of eighteen upon verifying particulars and you can also now get the business loans to develop your business or projects.

5. Do I qualify for bigger loans?

Answer: You can qualify for bigger loans if you keep paying on time and saving with us

6. Can I skip a level for obtaining a loan?

Answer: No. You must follow the loan orders until when you reach higher loans.

7.Do you limit how many times I must obtain a loan within a day?

Answer: You can only request loans five times a day and beyond that, you must wait for 24 hours to request a loan again.

8. What is your interest rate?

Answer: We give the cheapest affordable loans with cheaper interest rates between 10% to 15% depending on the amount taken and period of paying back.

9. Do I need to pay in installments?

Answer: YES, Our loans are paid in installments. We give you enough time to pay back the due loan installments from starting from loan amount UGSHS30,000,To see your loan installment, you need to LOGIN and locate to my loans, my loan installments, there you will be able see all your installments

10. How can I pay back my loan?

Answer: in your account, you have options of paying money back, you can click pay and then choose between Mobile money cards and PayPal. Where you choose mobile money, you will have to fill in the number with enough funds, then the system will send a code to verify the number, and then you will receive a notification asking to input your PIN to authorize payment

11. But I don't have a national ID?

Answer: Unfortunately you are not eligible for a loan since we cant prove your particulars.

12. What happens if I don't pay?

Answer: We are authorized by Airtel and MTN to access your wallet. Our system will automatically initiate a payment of the due loan if you don't pay on time

13. How about saving?

Answer: once you Register with us, you can save your money and collect back with a good interest. You can save for a month, Three months, 6 months and one year.

14. How are the interest on savings?

Answer: interests are given depending on the period of time, amount saved. You can enjoy interest benefits of between 9% to 37% interest rate.

15.can I withdraw my savings?

Answer: yes, you can initiate a withdrawal from your account dashboard once your period of Saving reaches.

16. How are my savings protected?

Answer: we follow standardized rules and regulations of savings and loans following the guidelines of the Deposit Protection fund.

17. How much can I save?

Ans: You can save between Ugshs 10000 to 6000,000.

18. Can I save for a friend?

Answer: No. You can instead refer to them and register an account instead. Here you earn commission if your invited friend joins us (2 points) and once they take a loan, you get 3 points . Each point is ugshs 200/= and 500/= respectively. Once you reach 5 points, you can convert them into real money.

19. What are the penalities if I fail to pay back?

Answer: you will lose credit accessibility from our platforms and partners forever and ever.

20. Do you increase interest percentage on over due loans?

Answer: No. The percentage remains the same and we advise you to pay on time to increases chances of obtaining larger loans. If your question is not answered or you need more assistance, kindly email us at info@appnomu.com