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We are dedicated to providing top-notch website hosting, design, and PPC services to empower businesses to excel online. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results and customer satisfaction


Since the beginning of our Company in 2016, we have never changed our vision, "Turning Digital Imagination into Reality" and we encompass the same vision to create a team with a similar vision and who love to progress with the Tech Trends

Industry Leader

As an industry leader, we take it as our responsibility to help businesses in acquiring their deserved place in the market. AppNomu strongly believes in building something that turns small startups into globally leading organizations. Our dedicated team works on the project to deliver them within the given deadline. And better at an affordable price that does not strain.

Our Mission is to connect, transform and digitize the way businesses use technology to create a good user experience with our software, equipping businesses with a medium to engage with clients, sell and interact with their clients through digital tools.

A Truly Experienced Team

AppNomu, crafted by a seasoned entrepreneur and nurtured by a diverse global team steeped in web hosting expertise, has carved out a niche. Our driving force is ddressing the very pain points that irked us as consumers.

We aim to deliver an optimal support, speed, and pricing blend. Established in 2021, AppNomu has swiftly ascended to industry prominence. Our hallmark Cutting-edge web hosting emanates from our Bugiri Municipality, Luxembourg data centre. And what sets us apart is Unparalleled support from team members who’ve been with us since day one.

  • Bahati Asher Faith

    Bahati Asher Faith

    CEO - Founder

    Software Engineer

  • Sharon Payne

    Sharon Payne

    Cheif Finance Officer

    Still a software engineer

  • Walwasa M Yahaya

    Walwasa M Yahaya

    Chief Operations

  • Nabifo Patience

    Nabifo Patience

    Senior Support Operator

  • Kevin Kathei Mutunga

    Kevin Kathei Mutunga

    Chief Software Engineeer

  • Ayesige Sandra

    Ayesige Sandra

    Head Support Devops

Affordable Website Hosting.

Our unique approach to affordability while offering premium products and services has helped us garner the trust of thousands of Business Owners, Freelancers, Smaller Web Hosts, Communities, and Bloggers who manage and host their Websites under our hosting brand.

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