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How Does It Work?

In a few steps, you could get your self a quick instant loan on your smartphone,Desktop/laptop and Internet connected devices

Step One

Register with us your account, verify your particulars, add alliances or guarantors and our compliance team will validate your account upon receiving your particulars with in 24 to 72 hours.

Step Two
Request A Loan

Request a loan from the least amount (UGX 10,000) and your loan will be processed in less than 30 minutes.
Note: loans are processed from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM from Monday to Friday and will be sent to your registered mobile number with us

Step Three
Make Withdraw

Once your loan has been successfully approved, a loan number shall be generated and such a loan amount shall be sent on your mobile number that you registered with us on the platform and will be available on your mobile money for consumption.

Step Three
RePay Back Loan

RePay back your loan anytime to qualify for another loan by locating repay your loan. You can pay back using Mobile money,Card payment,Paypal and savings/dashboard and you will be growing your loan history.

"At APPNOMU, we love to develop together, we have so far given more than UGX350 millions since the start and we look forward to do better than that, we are helping thousand of the youths and businesses to develop."



"Appnomu Has Been develeped with you the user in mind and to the best of our understanding, your money is very secure and safe and you can now begin getting loans as well as you save with us.The website currently receive 184 Million Monthly page views and over 20K weekly unique visitors of the website and we are capeable of sending bandwidth to 100 times the number current."


Developer Team

"I love the consistency of savings and the stable network, i do not need to have to go in the banks to collect my money or savings, i use APPNOMU for my savings and my money is kept secure and with high securiyt.."


Luube Benjamine

"This said, our focus in the next couple of months will continue to be on growing our value added services to meet the ever changing demands of our customers. Currently, with more than 15000 customers, we recommit to ensure that we will provide each and every one of them with the best service and value-for-money prepositions that will ensure that they are well-equipped for their ever changing and dynamic lives.."



"I am excited to join APPNOMU at such a time as the company continues to grow and consolidate its market leadership in the microfinance industry. I have worked with Appnomu since the beginning and through that experience I have entrenched the company’s values into the way I interact with both staff and our customers. I am a strong believer in the values of APPNOMU and have pledged that I will interact with all staff and stakeholders with integrity, provide leadership, inspire innovation,cultivate relationships, while endeavouring to maintain a ‘can-do’ attitude."



"We are passionate and committed to work and provide you with the best services ever, Our major goal is to see that we are able to meet the requirements of clients and solve their financial needs. On top, Appnomu has skilled my skill as a leader and i love to develop sustaining products to enrich the lives of Ugandans in terms of finance.."